NCPEA - National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse



NAPSA & NCPEA sponsor a series of informational webinars known as the "NAPSA/NCPEA APS Research-to-Practice Quarterly Webinar Series".  The webinars are hosted by the National Council on Crime & Deliquency.

NAPSA, NCPEA, and NCCD share the goals of promoting research in the areas of adult and elder mistreatment, and supporting APS agencies’ use of research to inform and strengthen practice. These webinars are held quarterly. Members of the NAPSA/NCPEA Research Committee, NCCD, and webinar presenters donate their time and resources to these shared learning experiences as together we strive to support front-line practitioners through advancement of knowledge.

The Research Committee works to provide guidance, expertise and feedback regarding all data collection, data analysis and other research activities with which NAPSA and/or NCPEA are involved, either autonomously or with other organizations, and to suggest research activities to pursue.

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NAPSA/NCPEA Research Documents

- Introduction Message

- Guiding Principles For Research in Adult Protective Services

- Guidelines For Evaluating & Applying Research in Adult Protective Services