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Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15, 2011


NCPEA is proud to participate in the 6th annual “World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.” To mark the occasion, NCPEA is releasing an exclusive song by musician Jeff Beam, written to help spread the word about elder abuse.  Titled “Can’t You Feel The Curve of the Earth?”, the song serves as a wake-up call about the widespread problem of elder abuse.  The song is available on NCPEA’s home page, as well as at  You can own an MP3 of the song for a minimum donation of $1 to NCPEA, to support our work in fighting elder abuse.  Donors contributing $20 or more will receive a special NCPEA/World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2011 wristband, as well as a Certificate of Caring. Please help us share this song, and with it, the message of preventing elder abuse.
Click here to hear the song!  See and share the words and sing the song! 

Click here to see the music video!

This year, WEAAD is gaining more recognition than ever.

 . . . .If elder abuse happened to me, Mickey Rooney,
it can happen to anyone…

To learn more or to receive a pdf copy of the postcard via email, send an email to  Participate in this "IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE" campaign: UCI will send you as many postcards as you like, you distribute them to your contacts to complete, collect them and mail them to the EJC who is gathering the postcards to submit en masse to Congress by 7/15/11, just in time for appropriations.


“World Elder Abuse Awareness Day” (WEAAD) is being celebrated all across the world with various events.  Thanks to NCPEA MEMBERS for sharing news about your WEAAD activities!